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Courseware is a term that combines words, “course” and “software”. It is part of overall software containing instructional strategies, educational content, and instructions. This courseware can consist of additional educational material intended as kits for trainers, teachers, or as tutorials for students, both in the classroom and outside.

Children tend to obtain a much better sense of oneself in two ways; firstly, via self-confidence- when they achieve success or goals in some way – and through self-growth – when they have more self-realization and gain emotional intelligence. There are not many exercises that can cover both of these aspects simultaneously, though the most popular and effective would be to teach them game design.

With these important factors in mind, Edbox team is introducing game-design courseware. Ours is an increasingly technological society and era; and in fact, there have been numerous articles mentioning how coding is almost a necessity, not only for the internet industry but also for a small-medium sized business relying on computer code. Edbox courseware is focused on providing impactful and quality course materials to tap “computational thinking” among young minds – which is algorithmic and logical thinking, as well as problem-solving aspects of computer science – providing analytical backbone useful for every student.

Currently, Edbox courseware covers Game design concepts based on 4 popular game designs. They are Design of Simulation Game, Design of Fruit Master, Design of Memory Game and Design of Jigsaw Puzzle. All of these courses have been developed with extensive research and development by Net Dragon Websoft and Edbox team. We have considered various scenarios where students can be exposed to after studying these courses. At the same time, we have also conducted constant feedback from various STEAM teachers on how we can improve these course methodologies for our upcoming courses. 

Now we would like to discuss some of our hot-selling courses that have been popular with Edbox users for quite a while. 

  1. Design of Memory Game: This design courseware is aimed at students to explore and realize bran science memory that leading game designers around the world consider whenever designing best selling memory games. It also takes into account various factors of memory classification, influencing factors and working principles.

    At the same time, the course also talks about Baddley and Hitch's theory of working memory consisting of at least three parts; phonological loop, visuospatial sketchpad, and the central executive system as shown in below figure. Each has its own rule to play, but overall at least Memory Game can be used to test visuospatial working memory.

    Finally, the course also talks about the various important rule to display game experience settings, and what information to provide to players in various stages of the game.

  2. Design of Fruit Master: Slashing fruits has been a popular game among people of all age groups. And because it has a unique charm and mechanics, it does become important to ensure that students are taught its game design principles. With this course, students would explore game mechanics that game developers when designing successful titles. It also discusses response inhibition and game design knowledge. 

    They would also understand how important probability theory is in stimulating player curiosity, as well as various factors that determine the game difficulty in Fruit Master.

    Introductory and advanced online game design courses offered by Edbox are more than just learning how to design a game. These courses are available on Edbox website, and also on Edmodo platform to help you get on a path to a career in video games or advance your existing career. Edbox courseware is designed to introduce students to various aspects of Game Design and Methodology and jump-start your career in this rapidly expanding industry.

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