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2019-09-15 23:58:33

Sounds and music play a vital part in building a game, and searching for suitable ones can take game creators a massive amount of time. People need to jump through one audio library to another just to find the perfect audio clip. They need to download it, trim it with some audio editing tool, and upload it to Edbox to build their game. In worse cases, they find the sound clips are not trimmed well, and have to do that all again...



Start editing!

In our game templates, we've listed every audio that appears in the game altogether! Click on the "Edit" button beside the one you want to change to open the editing menu. You can either upload your own sounds or make use of Edbox's audio library.

audio library

Once you have uploaded or chosen your ideal audio, trimming it is also easy to be done with our built-in editing tool. You can custom your audio clip with a few clicks and drags and play its audition instantly. The best part is, you can come back to this page and make changes after test runs in no time. 

audio editing2

This tool is going to save you tons of time!

By taking out all of the tedious steps to sound designing your game, you can now quickly create your own audio snippets. Generally speaking, your audio clips should be kept less than 1MB each for your game to load faster.

Try using the Audio Editor in your next Edbox Game Creation! And let us know what you think by tagging us on social media @Edboxcommunity or sending us emails directly to


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