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2019-11-07 14:15:24

If you already have been recommended Edbox, read an article, or merely stumbled on its website, you sure know that it’s a delight platform offering many ready to edit game templates. You probably would have already seen these templates on the homepage and a wide range of genres it covers.

In this article, we discuss these various templates and how you can use them to create your very own first game in minutes. Edbox believes in a simple theory. Games are for everyone, and everyone can make them. Games are already a great way to enhance the learning experience by bringing content to life. Edbox is focused on strengthening game-based learning. And this is where our templates act as a template, started and skin to help you expedite your self-learning.

Currently, Edbox offers 11 game-templates which can be used by the creators to simply follow the pattern, change the parameters and then be able to play their very own game.


Creators can choose their favorite template from over 10 options

Below is a quick list of some of our hot favorite game-templates:

  • Mining Mission: With Mining Mission, players get a chance to recreate their favorite mining game from the past. See yourself as an industrial mining tycoon by managing your mine, resources, and business.
  • Fly to the Edge:  Fly to the Edge is somehow just like the famous (or infamous..?) Flappy Bird, you need to tap on screen or click you mouse button to make your bird fly a bit to avoid obstacles. AND IT'S HARD. To make it better, you can make anything fly in Edbox, not just a bird! It's all your to make choices! Try your best to reach a high score to challenge your friends! 
  • Fruit Master: Deriving inspiration from its ancestor, Fruit Ninja, Fruit Master gives chance to players to slash and hack various delicious fruits. But watch out for the bombs! Also, when designing your very own template, change fruits, bombs, and special effects.
  • Batter: If your aim is to improve focus, concentration, and mind-muscle coordination, you most certainly need to give Batter a try. Shooting out your favorite target to the furthest distance, while considering numerous factors and conditions will always be a challenge.

Next, we cover how quickly and easily you can create your favorite game using our very own templates. For the reference here, we are using Fly to the Edge title.

STEP 1: Firstly click button "CREATE" next to the "DEMO" button which lets you modify the game.


STEP 2: You can then choose your own Game Name and change the main Display Picture. At last, you can add the game description of your choice.


STEP 3: Next we try and change all the Game Rules. Game rules are largely controlled by parameters, which, here can be defined as props or situation which would affect the gameplay. In this step, you can edit the flying object's dynamics like jump power, weight, acceleration, etc. Also, you can define your obstacles parameters e.g. height and interval time between each obstacle.


STEP 4: The third step is the editing of Game Interfaces. They usually mean how you visually experience the game. Firstly, you can edit the Loading Page. Here you can add the Game Title, choose a Background image, add Game Tips and edit the Loading status information.


STEP 5: After that, you can move on to the Homepage to edit gameplay aspects of sound and animation. You can choose different flying object animation, as well as choose Sound Effects of your choice.  


STEP 6: With Pre-Game Page feature you can add Subtitles you would want to see e.g. "Get Ready" or "Time to hit the Sky", and also add the action button like "TAP TAP".


STEP 7: In the In-Game Page, you can edit the game Obstacles such as Obstacles image, sound effects, and rules about the obstacles.


STEP 8: In the final Results Page, you can edit Final Score parameters as well as Social sharing options to your friends and classmates. Finally, you can also preview or test your game before publishing it.


And you're done! Ready to create your first game and challenge your friends. It's so simple to create games, add a personal touch and make them stand out among many different games. With these easy-to-use templates, you can take your game creation talent to next level and share your ideas with the global community.

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