Create A Game Without Coding Experience

2019-10-16 01:15:29

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Remember the exciting game ideas you've had in your mind years ago? It shouldn't fade away as you grow up, even though game development may sound like a challenging task for most people unless they are born with the talent of coding and design. As we can imagine, creating a game of your own must be an amazing thing. Therefore, we present you Edbox which allows you to realize this dream by simply customizing your game by clicks, let us uncover the game creation factory without any coding.


By choosing a template, users can enter the creation interface by clicking CREATE button. Instead of seeing the boring codes, what you can find in Edbox game creation system is easy-to-use game setting interface, with different setting options, such as Basic Information, Game Rules, Game Resources, Game Themes, and Game Interfaces. The next step would be to start customizing the game with your unique ideas.

The best part for Edbox is that game rules setting has shifted from text-based programming to simple number filling, all you need to do is to modify the corresponding parameter of each rule so as to make specific changes. Every tiny modification decides the customization level of your game. Eager to give it a try?


Not only game rules can be customized in Edbox, but also text, audio, theme, and even interface can all be designed by yourself. Despite the simplicity, creating a quality game may not be such an easy thing. But don't worry, the game creation courses are right here waiting for your reading.


Creating games without any coding experience makes Edbox perfect for those ordinary game lovers and even students who are interested in game creation. Currently, Edbox is in beta test, you can directly head for the website and create your own game for free.

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