Welcome to Edbox. Here, we make games without codes! Simply choose from many templates, edit the parameters and you’re ready to surprise your friends!

Create An Awesome Game

The platform offers rich game resources that empower users to create games without any coding ability. It offers powerful editing capability, and amazing fun game templates that can be created with simple step by step tutorials.

Multiple Editing Abilities

With a powerful editor, it can process text, pictures, audio, video and other resources. It also supports team mode and multi-player game creation.

  • Text editor
  • Picture editor
  • Audio/video editor
  • Interface editor
  • Checkpoint design
  • Others

Visual Editing

Once finished with editing the game, users can immediately see the effect and test the version, further improving their game building knowledge and creative efficiency.

Cross-platform Usability

Edbox games are created in H5 format. Users can create and experience games on PC, mobile phone and tablets.

Community Engagement

Edbox users can interact with their global friends and fans via social media integration of platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google etc., along with ranking board and game likes.

Display of Game Works

There are countless games created through the Edbox platform, includ-
ing many excellent works. let's take a look at them together.