What Can You Expect From Online Education During COVID-19 Pandemic?

2020-03-28 06:49:24

The recent COVID-19 pandemic is certainly giving an unsettling time for our world. For many educators who are having a lockdown or school closure in their area, the pressure of giving online education is mounting every day. Developing home learning experiences for children is mounting. Based on what we've learned during this hard time and our previous experiences, we'd like to introduce you to Edbox, an easy-to-use gamified education tool. We hope it will provide some ease and some alternative to you in the uncertainty for what the coming weeks will hold. 


Edbox gamifies online education

Edbox provides you a non-coding way to create educational games. You can easily turn knowledge and educational content into games in minutes. The only thing you need to do for creating your game is to edit game contexts and maybe do some visual updates. You can then share your educational games with your students with the sharing link. In this way, students will gain knowledge and have fun at the same time. With Edbox's built-in leaderboards, they will even practice more to fulfill their sense of competition. Since our game can be played anywhere on any device with an Internet connection, there will be no worries of infection to have courses with Edbox!


Here is a demonstration video of how to create a jigsaw puzzle game with Edbox. We have 11 game templates now in our studio for you to use. The application of our templates is quite similar so you can create other games in the same way!

We have recently updated our game templates and we now have a game where up to 40 students can compete on the same stage, which is the Quiz Master. In it, you can create a series of questions with two options for players to pick sides. Those who had the wrong answer will be eliminated from the game. The game will continue until there's only one student left standing on stage or the question bank ran out.


At the end of the game, a ranking list will be shown on screen, telling students their in-game performance and making them aware of how well they have learned their courses. It provides great stimulation and a sense of competition without hurting their feelings. Students will start proactively study for a better rank in class, which will become a win-win situation for both teachers and students. Try our quiz game with Spring Festival here!

New Year Quiz Match​   Geography Quiz Match


Create your game by visiting https://studio.edbox.101.com/ and set sail on your course of gamified education with Edbox today! 



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