Video Games And Consoles Buying Tips For Holiday Season!

2019-12-19 11:50:11

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Holiday season is just around the corner, and if you haven't finished your holiday shopping for your friends, family, or, simply yourself, now is the time to get it done! The unimaginable stress of last-minute shopping to grab the last-minute deal just before Christmas should many at all costs. If you are a kid yourself or have kids at school or in family, then buying video games might be at the top of your list. But video games have a reputation for affecting children's life negatively, with too many games affecting not only their mental and psychological health but also physical. But then in recently conducted studies, video games have shown to improve attention, memory, and creativity among a large section of students.

We discuss below a few key agendas, and how they can help you in making a better decision.


The first thought which might come to your mind whenever thinking about video games would be that they might be bad for kids. Are they? The answer is no. In fact, video games can offer many cognitive benefits apart from being a simple pastime activity.

Playing video games has proved to improve coordination among children, apart from strengthening problem-solving skills. As players need to read or listen to special instructions to play the game, they also improve memory among kids. But what is required is a certain level of control and watch on what kids play and at what age. For example, 5 years olds should not play games like Call of Duty and Red Dead Redemption as they are appropriate for 15 years and older.

Another point you want to tackle is the amount of time allotted to children for playing games. You certainly need to avoid "binge" playing. Excess of playtime can affect many aspects of their life. If you have these points in check, it would be perfectly fine to purchase video games and consoles for you, your children or as a gift. But we do have a few tips which you might want to consider.

Points to consider before buying video game and consoles:

  • Buying a video-game console: If the kid is really young, or isn’t too persistent about video games, then you would not want to spend such a big amount. Most of the games can easily be played on PC and laptop which you can also use for other daily purposes. Any new gaming console would fall in the range of 300-500 USD, which makes it a big purchasing decision.
  • Are they old enough? : For most young kids, playing games on tablets or smartphones might be enough. Considering that in recent times, the quality of mobile games has improved immensely, more and more developers are bringing the quality game on the platform. But for the children above the age of 10, the desire to play the games in a more "professional" manner involves playing games on consoles.
  • Choosing a console: Video Game industry has rapidly evolved in terms of various types of consoles being offered to game lovers globally, The three main major players are Nintendo Switch, Xbox and PlayStation which account for maximum console sales for the past decade.


  • Choosing appropriate games: This might come up as a challenge as choosing the appropriate content for the kids is really important. Like mentioned earlier, age-restricted games can affect children's mental health, behavior, and emotions. So it is really important that you preview games before buying or reading a review.
  • Watch them play: Finally, you should keep an eye on your children whenever they play games. More importantly, you should play with them so that they can not just enjoy playing games, but also learn skills like team-work.

So by keeping in mind these crucial points, you can certainly decide if you want to either gift a video game console to someone close to you or buy it for your own kids. If you still think it isn't a good option, you needn't worry. Because you can still access Edbox, which is a fun and learning based game creation platform. You can spend time, you can create them together.

Edbox has some of the best and interactive pre-made game templates. Edbox lets you create and play games which can be a perfect pastime for this holiday season.



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