Teacher Tips: Setting Up An Edbox Classroom

2019-11-04 17:47:13

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With the emerging trend of Edtech tools in K-12 education, the difficulty of using them in class becomes a new concern for teachers. However, integrating Edbox Studio in your classroom could be easier than imagination! Here we are offering some tips for doing it.


Hardware Requirements for Edbox Studio

Edbox Studio is the essential creation tool for Edbox games coursewares. To use it in class, you need:

· Several PCs, ideally one for each student. Edbox is a web based platform currently and thus can run on almost all kinds of PCs with low configuration requirements. Mobile version is also under development.

· Stable Internet access. Since Edbox Studio is an online platform, Edbox require a good network connection to upload files and save changes. Open the page to use Edbox anywhere with your works synchronized, 0 downloads and installation required. 

teacher tips setting up edbox classroom


Using Edbox Studio

· Open Edbox with browser

· Register an Edbox account or quick login with your Edmodo/Facebook account to start. Show your students how to do it, too. We promise that private information will be safe with us. All functions for game edition on Edbox is available to all users FOR FREE!

· Find our game courseware on our website or Edmodo Spotlight. Each comes with detailed course plans and instructions to carry out an Edbox game course. 


teacher tips setting up edbox classroom

Running an Edbox Classroom

· Check for our official coursewares or come up with your own streamlined course plan.

· Creating guidelines for your course together with students

Using Edbox in the classroom can be exciting but it’s important to set some ground rules to create a fun and cooperative learning environment. Whenever starting a new Edbox classroom, we recommend that you create classroom rules together with your students. By giving students ownership over the rules they create, they’ll be more likely to follow them, and build a positive digital citizenship later.

Some common rules that can be introduced such as:

1. Appreciate other students' efforts and contributions

2. Respect other students and equipments

3. Ask others for help and be willing to help others

4. Don't play or test games without teacher's permission



With our game template, you can also create your own education games for your class in just a few steps. We will come back to that topic later. Enjoy yourself with this next gen STEAM education tool and have fun creating!




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