Powerful Image Editor Available in Edbox

2019-10-23 17:16:40

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Previously, we introduced our Audio Editing Tool Introduction in Edbox, which allows game creators to trim and add their favorite audio clips to their own game in one stop. But creating a game isn't just about audio, right? You saying you also need images? Exactly! And we got that covered with our powerful built-in image editor!

Imagine you can introduce your favorite pictures to the whole world with your game created with Edbox!

To insert images in your game is simple. Click on the "Edit" to open the editing menu and voila, looks familiar, isn't it? Our image editing tool has a similar interface to our audio editor, so to make creators easier to use them. 


In our editor, we offer several different ways for you to change images in game. You can either upload new images from your device, search through our online library, transfer text to image, insert a captured screenshot, or just delete the image. Whatever changes you've made, you can use the refresh button to see how it actually looks instantly. You can also crop your image in our editor. We adopted the same click and drag way of doing it. Use it freely to release your power of imagination and show your best game idea! 


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