The Origin of Edbox

2019-06-25 17:40:28

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People love games. Nobody can deny that. But the more people play games, the harder they can find a game that meets their criterion of a "good game”. However, people hardly think about making a game of their own. Why? Various reasons caused the problem. The coding language is too hard to learn and master. The game resource library is either too expensive or too scarce to use. The debug progress is too boring and exhausting. All those matters stop potential game developers and game designers from being one.

Struggling to create games

So we created Edbox.

We wish people to create their tailored games effortlessly using our rich resource library. We wish that creating a game was no longer a privilege of professionals. We wish that everyone could make their ideas come true easily and share them with others. And Edbox will make all that come true.

Edbox in an integrated gamified community for experience sharing, learning, creation and distribution. Edbox contains dozens of game editing templates for now with a free game resource library of thousands of 3D models, pictures and audios. Diversified needs can be satisfied for creating action game, RPG, adventure game, casual game, and even VR/AR and MMORPG games in the future. Through the game coursewares provided by Edbox, you will definitely have a much better understanding of game creation, and even learn some tricks to make a nice game yourself.

The Origin of Edbox

The Origin of Edbox

The simple and structural interface of Edbox is also user-friendly, making amateur game creator simpler to use. In the meantime, the game source codes and lessons provided in our integrated community are also useful for game creation learners. You are still welcomed to just play games and enjoy fancy ideas of others to inspire your own idea. Edbox facilitates the understanding and application of game creation, computational thinking, and programming concepts. The vision of Edbox is to create a prosperous gamified learning community.

Let's make it great together.

Edbox! Create to Play!

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