New-age Teachers Need to Continue to Transform and Gamify Their Classroom

2020-01-10 18:12:10

The scope of education is constantly evolving throughout the world. The trends are changing, and so are teaching methodologies for learners of all age groups. The barriers of communication and difficulties of subject learning are being constantly improved upon by technology. With the help of same technology, teaching scenarios have evolved from serious lesson delivery to fun and unconventional ways on gamified learning. 

Gamification of learning has been seen as a recent trend, along with other major changes which are transforming learning experiences both inside and outside of the classroom. The major focus of gamified learning is creating an educational approach to inspire and motivate learners to grasp teaching points by using video games sessions and learning environments. 

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The first mover advantage of gamified education is enjoyed by Microsoft. With the introduction of Minecraft, it created an online community of online learners and educators which could consume knowledge and learning points by playing fun, interactive and knowledge games. The community could create games, props, environments, levels etc. apart from sharing their works on online social media community.  At the time when Minecraft was acquired by Microsoft, they already had a user base of over 70 Million and was rising in popularity in K-12 classrooms as creativity and collaboration – and it encourages both.

Discussing the benefits of gamification of education can be a tricky topic as to implement it successfully requires a delicate balance of art and science. It is surely not easy to create something that is both, entertaining and educational. There is certainly no one-size-fits-all approach to education; but a major advantage of gamification is that increases engagement and ignites motivation.  The priority of making an effective gamified based learning game would be the design and structure of the game. As a whole the entire experience needs to be constructive, fun, engaging and meaningful. 

With the recent studies, teachers have mentioned that results from technology learning tools like collaborative in-class games cannot be ignored. Hence by introducing gamification into classroom learning, we are in theory, able to instill the same benefits as if it was to experience a real experiment, with desire to self-learn, increase productivity and overall improved well-being.  

Students can play mindless games endlessly, either on their phones or gaming devices, but it surely does not mean that same context is used in the classroom. Educational games can benefit learners as long as the dynamics of learning are followed. For example, a pirate game can teach students on how to calculate longitude and latitude. 

Gamification is fueled by innovation and creative thinking. Every day, more educators are learning and applying gamification components to their classrooms to bring out the very best in their students.



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