Get Rich with Mining Mission

2019-12-15 15:46:58

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Do you remember a game called "Gold Miner" which is an absolute classic and from the early 2000s. Best of all, we bring the spirit of Gold Miner coming back, Mining Mission coming in the Edbox.

(Source: Crazy Game)

The story is about one day, Mr. Miner found a key at home, which led him to a large mine. When you start the game, please use the crabber to catch the diamond or gold as soon as possible to achieve the high score before times up (fuel runs out) and pick more valuable gold. With Christmas is coming soon, Mining Mission accommodate Christmas skinning themes which you would see colorful Christmas presents, pretty cakes, elks and snow logos on the game interface. What are you waiting for, join us now, open your Christmas dream party!



(Mining Mission made with Edbox)

Furthermore, you would create your own game template here just for fun without any programming skill and design knowledge! You would follow the guideline step by step for creating a game by yourself. You can redesign the game interface such like color, style and themes element, and then upload other resource and rebuild the game rules. Are you eager to enjoy this game? Let's start help Mr. Miner collect the gems as much as possible to gain higher scores before the fuel runs out!


(Mining Mission made with Edbox)

Be rich with Mining Mission now!

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