Lit Up Your Christmas Party With Fly To The Edge

2019-12-23 11:21:55

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Flappy Bird is back again! Emm… Well not exactly in its original avatar, but in a remixed new version. Fly to the Edge.

Flappy Bird has been around for quite a few years. It has not entertained a wide range of casual players, but also inspired developers around the world to reskin and come up with their own version. But the game certainly gained popularity ever since gameplay shown by famous influencer and YouTube star PewDiePie. And if the gameplay is showcased as simplistic, smooth, and yet difficult, it is sufficient to get millions of people playing the game.

Inspired by its predecessor, Edbox Developers have re-skinned the original version and come up with more fun, interactive and family game. It's called Fly to The Edge. And although many elements are new considering it's a perfect family party game for this Christmas, it is still a little annoying, frustrating and onerously difficult.  



Christmas and holiday parties are a perfect time to get together, enjoy and have simple fun. And although there are so many games that can be played within your social group, wouldn’t it be nice that the evening becomes a challenge for everyone?

Fly to The Edge is devoid of actual fun, and it is annoying the way the game deceives you when you feel its quite simple to play, considering all you need to do is click. Similar to Flappy Bird, Fly to The Edge challenges you to guide a cute squirrel between sets of vertical pipes. You simply need to click to make the squirrel float higher or need not click to allow him to sink. If you make contact with the pipes, you die. Simple. In the end, you would be able to see your high score depending on how long you travel.

But the game isn't as simple as it sounds. As you keep clicking and passing the obstacles, you might start losing focus with a monotonous play. And then there it is. CRASH! So you have to constantly adjust your clicking rhythm to account for the random pipes appearing on the screen. 


But the twist with Edbox Fly to the Edge is that there ain’t just a “bird”. That’s right with Edbox, players get the freedom to choose any of the game props. You can fly like a squirrel, cat, corgi, or maybe just import a picture of yourself and set sailing ;)

You can edit the background, obstacles, UI,  sound effects, etc. to simply remix your very own version. Wouldn’t that be a perfect party treat? You can customize your friends and family and throw the challenge to surpass your high score. Have some friends that cannot join in? No problem. Share and send the game link via social media channels. 

So light up your Christmas with Fly to The Edge and enjoy the evening with a perfect party game for the family and friends.


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