Mixed Juice Shop Released

2019-08-05 20:06:53

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Long time ago, there was a beautiful beach with flowers and coconut trees. People loved to go there not only for the sunbath and the breezes, but also for the juice shop. No matter how many people were queuing at the juice shop, they would still wait willingly for their turn to order! The reason? It was the only juice shop that could fulfill their weirdest requests! Have a look at their orders!

edbox blog juice1      edbox, edbox blog juice4

And now, you get the chance to be the owner of the juice shop! The necessary steps to be a great juice shop owner are as follows.

First, take orders from your clients.

Second, grab the ingredients needed from the baskets and the shelves.

Third, throw those ingredients into the blender and push the button.

At last, hand over the mixed juice to your customer.

Voila! Your customer is satisfied! Enjoy the smile on their face!

edbox, edbox blog shop

Besides, you can certainly change the ingredients in your shop as the shop owner! Choose "Create game" at the settlement page to enter the editing page. Upload your own pictures of ingredients, and enjoy making mixed juice with them!

Have fun at the beach!

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