Jigsaw Puzzle Templates & Courseware Released!

2019-08-02 18:51:19

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The world is just a giant jigsaw puzzle where everything needs to be put in the right place. So why don't you try Edbox's jigsaw puzzle as a start? At least we offer a courseware with it for free!

jigsaw puzzle game courseware

When jigsaw puzzle was first invented by an Englishman named John in around 1760, it was supposed to be an education tool to teach students geography. Beyond that, Edbox is giving it limitless potentials without losing its initial education intentions!

With Edbox's game creation template, you can create your own jigsaw puzzle by replacing almost every resource in the game such as pictures, icons, sound effects, background music, etc. Use your unique game to challenge your friends!

Beyond that, you can learn the thought's behind the design of an interesting jigsaw puzzle with the courseware we provided! We created our game design courseware based on education standard such as NGSS. Feel free to use it and have a deeper knowledge about memory! Check our Game Courseware section to know more!

Stay tuned for more updates!

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