How To Start Making Money By Creating Games

2019-12-27 14:59:19

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Playing video games is fun. It is something that we have been brought up with. And for any video game enthusiasts, the dream job would be creating and playing games. For life. Period.

While many can pursue this dream in many ways. Most go to top colleges and study engineering and game design, then either start an internship or find a full-time job at the end of college, or start their own company. But one thing which is common in all the above aspects is that they need education, training and a financial motive in doing so. The other aspect is that to make money from games, you need to make a game first.


And that's where we have the perfect solution. Welcome, Edbox!

Edbox is a unique game creation platform that allows "non-techies" to create their own branded games with zero coding. Not only can you create your own games from scratch, but with Edbox's pre-made game templates you can reduce game-creation time and launch your game in no time. For example, you can easily create your non-coding version of the legendary Fruit Master. With this template, you simply choose your game parameters, props, and rules, and you've to share the link to your social community.

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Right now, Edbox has over 11 Game templates and games & covers genres like Action, RPG, Shooting, Arcade, Puzzle created, etc. So this tool lets you ake care of the first issue and lets you create your own branded game in no time. You can always find other game ideas on random and hot topics on social media channels, as well as platforms like Google Trends.



Once you with making a personal game for yourself, the next step is ensuring that you can reach the right audience. Because you would not have a large marketing budget like big gaming studios, you would need to choose your resources wisely. You should start by creating content for your games. If you would like to see this as a long term approach, you should aim at creating the following channels:

  1. BLOG: To update your weekly/monthly releases and talk about general and game-related topics.
  2. TWITCH STREAM: If you would like to play alone or with other friends, and stream it live. Many fans want to watch their favorite influencers play.
  3. YOUTUBE: You can also aim to create a YouTube channel to market your games. You can create tutorials, walkthroughs, tricks, etc.
  4. SOCIAL MEDIA CHANNELS: Finally, it is crucial that you have a presence on social media channels. And for this, you should create your personal accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

You should make this decision based on the following two points:


  1. Which platform would best suit the type of content you create or the easiest way to distribute your content (e.g., if you want to show a tutorial video, YouTube might be the best platform)
  2. What would best suit the type of content YOU can create?



Now, that you have made your own game, and found an audience, the final step is to make the real money. There are three ways you can make your games monetized. Firstly, you can run sponsored ads on full-time you can upload the game SDK on Android and IOS platforms. Secondly, you can run sponsorships with partnerships on influencer campaigns. Thirdly, you can also run Affiliate Marketing by referring to some products on your channel. You can then earn a commission from the same. We also have one upcoming monetization model on Edbox. This is where our users would be able to earn coins on the platform itself and redeem it.

To be a small game developer, and still make money isn't easy without proper training, guidance, and tools. And this is where Edbox is trying to transform the game-creation platform. We hope that more and more global creators start creating their personal branded games and take their life in a new way forward.

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