How Games Transform From Products To Services

2020-01-22 14:47:51

Over the past few years, funding for foundations, government agencies, universities, and nonprofits to harness the power of computers and video games to advance their learning and social impact goals has increased significantly.

There are good reasons for accepting game-based learning. Digital games differ from other media in that they are participatory. They enable players to play different roles, face problems, make meaningful choices, and explore the consequences. A well-designed game and a game-infused experience provide a delicate balance between challenges and rewards that can drive higher levels of engagement and mission execution time, enabling players to advance at their own pace, failing in a safe environment, just Gain key knowledge-just in time (relative to the situation), iterate based on feedback, and use this knowledge to develop mastery. Games are also great for developing the key skills necessary for navigating the interconnected, fast-changing 21st century world.

Game is becoming services

Games are also increasingly transitioning from "products" (something for people to play) to "services" (the experience for players to act, create, learn, communicate). Games are constantly being optimized to increase appeal and scale. These game-based services use the principles of game design and behavioral science to continually optimize their interactions through carefully designed external and internal motivations, learning and expanding products to attract attention, stimulate action, and provide a trajectory of development.

To go with the tide of educational revolutions, we developed Edbox. It's a game creation platform aiming at enforcing players' problem solving, critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, and systems thinking abilities through the creation of games. And don't worry, you can create games using Edbox without coding skills! With our built-in mechanics, you can easily change resources and rules of your favorite games to create your own game. You can enjoy having deep thoughts about the reason behind those changes. In our game templates, we have ranking lists where you can easily compete with friends.

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