Hop and Hope: Join Edbox to Help with the Australian Bushfires

2020-01-14 10:26:10

In the land known for its numerous animals and natural ecology, it is so unbelievable that the bushfire in Australia has been burning for over four months, over 1.25 billion animals have died and some endangered species may be driven to extinction in this disaster. It was not only the pain for Australia, but also the wound for whole world.


Sharing the same pain, we see all kinds of support to the animals and post-disaster reconstruction. As a part of the relating world, some talented Edbox gamers have made games based on Australia bushfires to express their sorrow to this tragedy, appreciation to firefighters and wishing to make an effort.


The puzzle game Prevent Australia fires made by user grp405 is showing respect and appreciation to the firefighters who devote to the 4 month long bushfires. →Play the Game


Hop and Hope, Kangaroo is a game based on the classic game Flappy Bird. The creator replaces the bird with the kangaroo so that you can control it to help the kangaroo escape from the fires. →Play the Game

We can no longer ignore the warnings of nature, and Edbox is here to announce that we will adopt a koala(Koala Hospital) once every 10,000 points are generated from Hop and Hope, Kangaroo game. And surely we welcome any kind of creative game to be made to support the post-disaster reconstruction. Now, it is time for you to join the charity by playing game for free, Edbox will donate for your love to the animals in Australia bushfires.


Edbox is a game creation and learning platform, we bring fun and knowledge to ordinary people who have no programming skills, you can simply choose a game template and reset the rules and all parameters. It means that everyone can create their own games by Edbox.

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