Learning Camps of HongKong

2019-08-15 20:59:20

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In accordance with our collaboration with Edmodo, we invited 4 batches of teachers and students from Hong Kong, ranging from Elementary school to High school for their summer camps. During this time, special Learning schedules were tailored for them and they seem to enjoy STEAM courses involving Edbox and other Edtech softwares greatly!

edbox blog hk arrival

We gave these HK students courses using our courseware, just the same sets which are currently available on Edbox platform. For now, they got involved in course are called Design of a Jigsaw Puzzle. At the end of which, students were asked to vote for their favorite work. The best works were rewards with prizes. They certainly look cheerful on winning the awards!

edbox blog hk students

In the photo, you can see the winner of jigsaw puzzle game design on the bottom-left corner screen themed Crayon Shin-chan! Try it here!

Edbox team was happy to have the opportunity to actually put our coursewares into practice. The responses we got from these students and teachers were amazing, motivating us on working forward to keep producing innovative and engaging contents. We will continuously produce more gamified education contents to meet diversified teaching needs! 

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