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2019-07-15 19:06:53

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Tables have turned and new lines have been drawn, ninjas are now sworn enemies of... your assignation! Slash anything you like with Edbox's Fruit Master game designer!
Even though the inspiration behind Fruit Master is the famous "Fruit Ninja", you can make it a lot different. The essence of Fruit Master is the simplicity of simply swiping anything across your screen. Oh, and do remember to avoid the bombs! They can come in many different deceptive shapes in Fruit Master!
Yes, with Edbox we've tried to introduce several educational and learning points to Fruit Master. The game is built around the most casual approach and learning curve offered for players who are looking to create fun games or simply want to kill time. Hell, as fast as the your "fruit" flies, there isn't time for thinking, just reacting.
One of the coolest feature of the game, apart from playing is that you can create and modify the gameplay parameters e.g. fruits, bombs, background, game name etc. So there is no limitation on how you like your fruits served!
Eventually, Fruit Master is fun, fun, fun. It's an instant pleasure and one you can find yourself hooked to, determined to post your highest score, share it across your social media channels and challenge your friends and family to beat it!

Edbox game courseware fruit master
Besides Fruit Master, there are more forthcoming games on Edbox every week!
Here we are proudly announcing that Memory Game designer is also released! Just like every other game on Edbox, you can enjoy complete creative freedom and imagination in creating and playing your own Memory Game. 



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