Fruit Master Course Released

2019-09-23 17:20:29

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As a popular mobile game, Fruit Master has earned its huge fan base by satisfying both casual players and experienced players. With its simple yet intriguing gameplay, casual players can enjoy themselves with just slashes over their screen, yet experienced players can participate in the challenge for high scores. However, with Edbox's game courseware, you can get even more fun from it!


fruit master gameplay game courseware


In our newly released Edbox Fruit Master Courseware, students can learn about the origin of fruit slicing games, explore the influence factors for game difficulty and design an attractive UI for players. The game courseware provides a thourough explaination for all those knowledge and contains group exercises for students to practise. Learning such skills would not only help students face real problems later in their lives, but also improve their critical thinking. Combining education with games, it's the best way to maintain students' in-class engagement.


Time to be the true Fruit Master!

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