Easily Create a Quiz Match in Class!

2019-12-05 11:44:48

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Talking about quizzes, teachers often have a dilemma. "Are quizzes really needed in our daily teaching? Are students really into quizzes? Don't quizzes insult the intelligence of our next generation students?"


Actually, quizzes can play an important part in enhancing students' daily learning outcomes as an effective teaching tool.


Researches have shown that quizzes come with a lot of benefits. They can help students learn in 3 ways. A well-prepared and non-graded pre-test could ignite students' curiosity. Experiments show that students who are given such pre-test are much more likely to perform better in class. And other researches also show that if carried out properly, quizzes can also have a positive effect on helping students' to remember and know better about what was learned.


The thing is, we need to do it right, with style!

Normally, quizzes are done in the similar way as a short test. But in a lot of cases, students are tired with exams, so don't make your quiz look like one anymore. For example, you can use Edbox's Quizzland Master instead to create a quiz game for all students in your class to have fun together. Define your questions and upload your favorite images, maybe even insert some easter eggs with thing that only your students and you understand. And that is for creating the game.

Gather up and join the game!            Survive to win!

In the game, students who knows more get to laugh last. Yes, a game-formed quiz competition among students which can be done with little effort! All students in class can join a quiz game together by simply starting the game together. The quiz match will automatically start when the count done finishes. Why still waiting when you can create your own quiz game now in Edbox Studio's Quizzland Master? Check out our demo here

When you've done creating your quiz, you can generate a link and share it to your students. People who start the same game at the same time will automatically be assigned to a same match. Good luck and have fun! 

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