New Challenge of Color Puzzle

2019-08-26 14:57:03

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Accept the challenge and finish this color puzzle if you dare! We accidentally ran into this interesting Gradient Color Puzzle made by one of our users who was obviously trying to create something new, and we think its totally fun to play! Instead of tearing pictures apart, its creator decided to design a pictures with preset grids and colored the grids with gradient colors. Now, with randomly displayed gradient colors, your patience and perception of color difference will be tested, HARD. Since the time limitation is erased in this game, you can fully enjoy it with absolutely zero anxiety. Have fun! Share it to your friends to challenge them!

edbox blog color puzzle gameplay

If you got the idea, don't hesitate to make it come true! With more game design templates and coursewares to publish, we truly hope that Edbox could be the helping hand and offer inspirations to those who would like to create interesting games. Together, we will make a great game design community!


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