Be Flappy and Fly to the Edge!

2019-11-18 18:33:09

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​Hi, there! We are glad to announce that we are bringing the spirit of the flappy bird back alive, with much more you can do in our newly released Fly to the Edge!

You probably heard about or even played a flappy bird, the extremely difficult mobile game where you have to continuously tap on the screen to make a duck-like bird jump through pipes. If you somehow got a high score, you could also share it with your sore fingers to challenge your friends. Since it's free for download, it became a viral hit in early 2014. But soon, its author decided to pull it down from App Store due to complex reasons.

Flappy Bird

(Source: ExtremeTech)

And now, we decide to recall your memories about that little yellow bird in our Fly to the Edge game! In our game design template, you can easily upload resources and remake the rules to create your own flappy bird game. We also integrated sharing functions for you to challenge your friends and double the fun. Also, the game could be played on both PC and phones, enjoy it at any time on Edbox! 

Try Flappy Elsa made by one of our users!

Don't worry, be flappy! 

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