Amazing! Just Simply Swiping You Can Catch the Thief

2020-01-06 15:14:17

Have you tried Edbox before reading this article? If yes, you must certainly have noticed that there are plenty of good games made by other players. These players are just like you, without any programming knowledge, but they can create great games through Edbox. Today, let me share an excellent user-generated  game, catch the thief. Hope you can get some inspiration from it and make your own games today!

Before starting the introduction, I am going to show how to find the game. Firstly, you should click game center , and scroll your mouse, and then you will find the game on the middle of your screen. That is it! Isn't that easy?


Just let me show what the game looks like!

After watching the video, are you interested in playing? Don't hurry, just let me introduce you the rules.

First, look at this picture, doesn't the thief look naughty? So today, you'll act as a policeman, and your job is to catch the thief.


This is the home page of the game, just use your finger or mouse to swipe the thief, then the game will start.


The basic rule is very simple. This is because the game is based on Master Fruit template. The thieves will wear masks hidden in the crowd, and what you need to do here is using your sharp observation to recognize the thieves.  


There are also some interference, if you catch the policemen or civilians, you will lose the game. In addition, if you miss the thief, you will lose your lives, but you have three lives during the game.


If you miss three thieves or catch the policemen/civilians the game is over. In this page, you can see your score. Furthermore, you can also share the game with your friends through QR code or the link. Of course, if you are interested in this game, you can also create your own games! Just click the “Create New Game “button. You can customize your game based on what you think.


After my introduction, does the game arise your enthusiasm? Don't hesitate to try catch the thief, just visit the official website.



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